Welcome to the International Women's Club of Moldova

The International Women's Club of Moldova (IWCM) welcomes English speaking women of all nationalities who are living in Moldova.

It is a non-profit organization empowering women that does this by:

  • Connecting expat and local women
  • Helping expat women stay connected to the community and be on track with their careers
  • Assisting women from Moldova by raising funds for charitable projects, which benefit Moldovan women and children

Started in April 1997 by Georgia Stewart, the IWCM is growing each year in number and variety of nationality of its members. it is an active club that organizes a whole range of social, cultural and charitable events and activities, lunches and projects.


Membership Benefits

As club's member, you will be part of a strong, international and supportive community of women. The IWCM offers all its members a supportive space to meet new people, foster friendships, share experiences and learn about different cultures, lifestyles and traditions.

Furthermore, the Club Membership offers you: 

  • the opportunity to participate in social activities and tours, reserved only to the members;
  • the free attendance in the General meetings;
  • exclusive discounts from selected partners;
  • the involvement in the charity work of the club;
  • the partecipation in potluck lunches, which take place at Member’s homes throughout the year;
  • the right to vote in the IWCM Board elections and the eligibility for nominations to the Board.



Most of the club's Events&Activities are currently 

suspended due to the Covid-19 emergency

While we shelter in place to stay safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are still ways to get involved in the club.

Please check out the Calendar of Events&Activities.



IWCM Skill Sharing

As you know, we have an amazing range of skills and talents amongst our members, so why not take advantage of this and share our experience with each other as trainers? 

If you have a skill you would like to teach (it could be anything from effective PR to making jewelry, from tips on taking good photographs to fitness workout, from foreign language to cooking) or if there is a skill you would like to learn, please contact us at iwcmoldova@gmail.com

The club always welcomes new ideas, skills, expertise and engagement for the members. We will support you to get your lesson up and running and to communicate the information.

Due to the Covid-19 emergency, for the moment all lessons, workshops, trainings should be online or at least respecting the current rules and restrictions


Latest News

Myriam Butscher: «I wanted to see the world!»

Meet the most hospitable member of our club - Myriam Butscher! How many IWCM events have been organized at Myriam's home! They simply cannot be counted: variety of potlucks, different workshops, farewell parties and just meetings over a cup of aromatic tea. Myriam is always ready to open the doors of her home for any of the IWCM initiative. […]

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Book club about Orhan Pamuk's work

Today our Book club hosted a meeting dedicated to the work of the Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk. We chose this writer for a reason! Firstly, two new members have been added to our club and they are of Turkish origin. […]

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Book club 

This month book club meeting was dedicated to Korean culture and literature. Specifically the members have talked about the power of Nunchi because they read "The Korean Secret to Happiness and Success" by Euny Hong. […]

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Sakura trees planting

Today the IWCM was part of "Greening the planet" initiative thanks to the help and envolvment of some volunteer members. Our wonderfull ladies planted sakura trees near the large lake in the Zoo park […]

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