IWCM Constitution

The International Women's Club of Moldova uses the Robert's Rules of Order as a guide for meetings.

Accepted March 24, 1998, revised February 5, 2008

Article I. NAME

The name of this organization shall be the International Women's Club of Moldova, hereinafter referred to as the Club or the IWCM.


The purpose of this organization shall be to provide a forum for international women living in Moldova to improve their insight into the life and culture of Moldova to support their varied interests and concerns while living here to organize charity functions to raise funds to help Moldovan women and children


The working language of the Club shall be English. A Romanian/Russian/ English interpreter shall be present at monthly meetings and a fee for this service will come from the Club treasury.


1. Membership shall be open to women living in Moldova who hold a foreign passport. Members will be registered after the membership form and fee have been received.

2. Registered and current members may sponsor the membership of one (1) non-foreign passport holder with membership beginning from the date of registration and payment of the full yearly membership fee. The sponsored member must pay the full yearly membership fee and maintain the membership without incident. At the end of the membership year, the sponsored member may continue the membership independently and may also sponsor a new member in the manner described herein. In the event that the sponsored member fails to comply with any IWCM regulations or acts in a way contrary to the goals of the IWCM as a charitable and social club, the membership may be annulled upon a majority vote of the Executive Committee, and a refund of the pro rata amount of the membership fee will be made.

3. Members are allowed to bring visitors, including Moldovan women, to any monthly meeting.

Article V. FUNDS

1. Finances to cover the Club's running expenses shall be realized from fees determined by the Executive Committee at the start of each calendar year.

2. Membership renewal fees will be due each year during September / October no matter in which month the member joined the Club.

3. Special fund-raising activities will support the group's charitable activities. Funds raised for charity shall be used to provide assistance for the benefit of women and children in Moldova.

4. Money given for charitable activities must be spent in the following fiscal year or the grant recipient must reapply for funding. Financial reports shall be required from grant recipients.


1. The Executive Committee shall consist of 14 members, with terms of office of one year:

a. President 
b. Vice President 
c. Secretary 
d. Treasurer 
e. Membership /Newcomers Coordinator (co-chaired)
f. Hospitality Coordinator 
g. Diplomatic Liaison 
h. Activities Coordinator 
i. Grants committee Coordinator
j. Fund Raising Coordinator 
k. Public Relations Coordinator 
l. Newsletters Coordinator 
m.Website Coordinator

2. The Executive Committee members shall represent the world's regions as equitably as possible.

3. Duties of the Executive Committee members shall be:

a. President: Coordinates and presides over the Executive Committee, all general meetings and serves as an ex officio member on all committees. She is the spokesperson and represents the Club in the community.

b.Vice President: Assists the President and assumes the duties of the President in her absence; organizes the general meetings.

c.Secretary: Takes minutes at the Executive Committee meetings and circulates the minutes to all committee members. Receives and responds to the club's website mail address

d.Treasurer: Collects and receipts all Club funds. Distributes funds as approved by the Executive Committee. Maintains accurate records of income and disbursements and provides a detailed financial report to the Executive Committee.

e.Membership/Newcomers Coordinator: Maintains the Club's membership records; updates and distributes the membership list; collects membership fees. Records attendance at general meetings and provides member and guest nametags, registration forms and copies of the Constitution. Makes new members feel welcome by contacting them personally, provides information to newcomers as needed (guidebooks and club's web address), extends invitations to current Club activities. (Co Coordinators)

f.Hospitality Coordinator: Serves as Club hostess by greeting attendees at functions and provides refreshments for general meetings and other occasions, as directed by the Executive Committee. Cooperates with Membership/ Newcomers Coordinators.

g.Diplomatic Liaison Coordinator: Keeps the diplomatic community informed of Club activities and represents their concerns on the Executive Committee.

h. Activities Coordinator: Maintains contact with interest group leaders and introduces new members to them; solicits new interests and finds leaders as new interests are expressed. Much of this position is what the incumbent makes of it: excursions, fashion shows, and trips have been successfully organized in the past.

i. Grant Committee Coordinator: Reviews the goals, structure and responsibilities of the Grant Committee and recommends changes as needed; receives grant applications and distributes them to the Committee members; presides at Grant Committee meetings to review grant proposals and forwards the decisions of the Committee to the Executive Committee for approval; communicates final Committee decisions to grant applicants; oversees the disbursement of grant monies, and solicits the necessary receipts and financial reports from each grant recipient.

j. Fund-Raising Coordinator: finds a committee chair for each of our two fundraising events, sets the date, signs the contract with Moldexpo, and finds sponsors for the event.

k. Public Relations Coordinator: Maintains a database of journalists with updated contact list; promotes the events organized by the IWCM, contacts journalists before events; prepares and organizes press conferences before events; prepares press releases prior to and after events, makes a list of journalists who participated at each event; works on the visibility of the IWCM.

l. Newsletter Coordinator: Produces and distributes to all club members on the first day of every month (except January and August) a monthly newsletter with the following standard sections: a president's report, the membership coordinator's report, a summary of the most recently approved executive board minutes, club members birthdays, news and information about club events, a cultural events calendar, a classified ads section, etc. Other articles may be added as desired. One week prior to distribution, the editor asks the executive committee for submissions.

m. Website Coordinator: responsible for maintaining the website including placing/ uploading all materials, updating all information, assuring accuracy of information, trouble shooting, creating new features designed to make the site more appealing, useful and user friendly. 

4. Executive Committee members will endeavor to attend all meetings or advise the President of their absence. They will provide a written or verbal report at monthly meetings. They will ensure that they find a replacement for their duties if absent and will work closely with other Executive Committee members when duties overlap. At general meetings, they will endeavor to make all members feel welcome and, whenever possible, Executive Committee members will provide language assistance at Club functions.

5. In the event of the resignation, departure, or prolonged absence of any member, the Executive Committee shall have the right to appoint a replacement.


1. All Club members shall be eligible for nominations to the Executive Committee.

2. In March the Executive Committee, or a Nominating Committee appointed by them, shall meet to consider nominations for the next year's Committee and to approach candidates. Prior to this, an announcement shall be made in the Newsletter asking for suggestions for nominations.

3. After the March meeting, a slate of candidates shall be presented to the membership and the general election will be held at the May meeting.

4. The slate will be elected by a simple majority vote of those present at the March meeting.

5. Term Limits: An individual may serve two full one-year terms in any given Executive Committee position.

6. Limiting Positions: An individual may serve in no more than two positions on the Executive Committee at any one time.


A. General Meetings, open to all members, shall be held monthly with a program thatreflects the purpose of the Club as stated in Article II.

1. These meetings shall be held the first Tuesday of each month.

2. The meeting day may be changed with prior notice.

3. Visitors are welcome as long as invited by a member and the visitor fee is paid.

B. Executive Committee meetings shall be the third Tuesday of each month.

1. The day may be changed with prior notice.

2. Should business arise necessitating a decision before the next scheduled meeting, a special meeting shall be called by the President or a majority of Executive Committee members.

3. Executive Committee meetings shall be open to all members; however, only Committee members may vote.


Amendments may be proposed by the Executive Committee and approved by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. Members of the Club must be notified thereof in the Newsletter.


In the event of the dissolution of the IWCM, the remaining assets, after all debts have been paid, shall be donated to some other association or worthy cause to be specified by the Executive Committee.

REVISED November, 2002

REVISED January 21, 2004

REVISED May 17, 2005

REVISED January 31, 2006

REVISED May 22nd, 2006

REVISED February 5, 2008

REVISED March 12, 2012